Library & Instructional Resources

Hitkarini College Library

Hitkarini College Library

The institute is well equipped with facilities for learning like library, computer laborateries, practial laboratory, equipped with audio-visual facilities, over-head projector, etc. The institute has fully air conditioned building equipped with Edu-Comp Smart Classes.

For overall development of students, sports ground is available for atheletics, kabaddi, kho-kho, volley ball, hockey and related sports.

Both teaching and non-teaching staff is well qualified and experienced to ensure a pleasant and learning  environment. The institution’s Principal Dr. Smt. Sulakshana Tripathi has 12 years experience alongwith other specialized and highly qualified faculty and staff.


  • Seating capacity in the Reading Room : 50
  • Number of Books : 5757
  • Number of Titles : 2162
  • Number of Reference books like encyclopedia :24 Sets  , dictionaries, Documents, reports etc. : 398
  • Nunber of Books Added in 2018-19 : 230

Names of Journals Subscribed(13)

    1. Appolo Journal of Education Research

    1. Mier Journal of Educational Studies

    1. Edujourn International Journal of Education

    1. Bhartiya Adhunik Shiksha

    1. Indian Educational Abstracts

    1. Indian Educational Review

    1. Journal of Indian Education

    1. Prathmik Shikshak

    1. Primary Teachers

    1. School Science

    1. Psycho – Lingua

    1. Indian Journal of Psychometry & Education

  1. Journal of Educational & Psychological

ICT Resources Centre

  • Number of Computer systems : 38
  • Availability of internet facility : Yes
  • Accessibility of internet facility to students : Yes
  • Number of CD ROMs : 22

Art & Craft Resource Centre

  • Harmonium, Tabla, Guitar, Casio, Synthesizer etc. in Music Room.
  • Cooking items like Gas stove, Mixer Juicer Grinder, utensils, etc.
  • Guardning tools & equipments
  • Sewing Machines, stiching, Tailoring and Embroidering items

Curriculum Laboratory

S.No. Resources for Curriculum Laboratory Status
1. Resources for English Language Available
2. Resources for Science Education Available
3. Resources for Social Science Education Available
4. Resources for Regional Language Education Not Available
5. Resources for Core Mathematics Available
6. Overhead Projector/Notice Boards/Black Boards Available
7. Educational Computer with Projector Available
8. Visualizer Available
9. Green Board Available
10. DVD Player Available
11. Digital Camera Available
12. Camera Available

Physical Education Resource – Sport Resources Centre

    1. Football

    1. Chess

    1. Carrom Board

    1. Table Tennis

    1. Volleyball

    1. Badminton – Set

    1. Javline

    1. Shot Put

  1. Discs